Jan 29, 2016

Strike a balance between ROI and risk; the Wind-Do offer

All investors wish to achieve multi-times ROI, although this can only be achieved with early stage investments.  Cleantech projects can deliver this ROI, but they can also be risky, since they often need a significant capital investment.

Our very low risk offer:

What if we could offer a high ROI potential and a full guarantee on your capital? Indeed, we offer convertible preferred shares with 100% of the capital bonded by a first mortgage on our industrial building. You will find details in this pdf.

The Wind-Do approach:

Many cleantech companies copy the strategy of IT start-ups: Create a product and thereafter find a way to make money with it. 

At Wind-Do we put forward a different approach: We identify the most useful business model for our customers, and develop a product that will fit most of their objectives.

What we propose is not primarily an invention, although we do have IP, but instead the optimization of proven concepts. We have carried out computer simulations and field tests of our concepts, but more importantly, we carefully manage costs and purposes.

We propose democratization of electricity production and energy storage, both at low cost.  Our downloadable executive summary is a quick introduction to our short and long-term objectives.

We hope that you will find our offer interesting and that we will have the opportunity to meet to discuss our mutual interests.

Kind regards,

Frank Gagnon
Founder of Wind-Do Inc.

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Wind-Do will propose clean energy cheaper that fossil one.