Sep 9, 2015

Co-generation heat and electricity with wind energy

With the continuous reduction of the cost of wind electricity, new business models can be developed.

To increase the used of clean energies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we need to enhance the availability of wind and sun, and diversify their applications.

The business model proposed by Wind-Do has not get interest until now because of the historic high cost of wind and solar electricity. Recent low sales prices of wind electricity make this innovative model viable even for large wind farms, but its still favour Wind-Do midscale community wind energy network.

The model is easier to understand with Wind-Do wind farms. On a regular basis, our customers will sell wind electricity at 5 to ¢6 per KWh to the grid. This basic set-up will provide 45 to 50% efficiency to the grid connection. We will be able to negotiate a sale price increase with the grid manager if we propose a more reliable 60 to 70% efficiency to the grid. It is a realistic objective to ask a ¢2/KWh increment for a more consistent clean energy.

To achieved that electricity delivery, we may have to increase the number of wind turbines by 50%, or even double it in some occasion. The increase value of electricity, added to the increase amount of electricity deliver every month, will enhance the profitability to the wind farm; with a large amount of free electricity that could be used on site!

The append figure show how an oversize wind farm can propose a 50 to 70%
efficiency supply to the grid. It is also showing that the excess production of this oversize facility is a random energy source with 15 to 35% availability. This means that the heat storage system must be able to accumulate in a short period up to two weeks of the required heat.

The GSG heat storage system develop by Wind-Do to support this function is a low cost system that will store and return heat at less than ¢1 per KWh. The heat can be used directly for temperature control (including lower cost cooling with heat), for sanitary water, but also to support industrial process like cooking, drying, melting… up to 4000C.

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