Sep 10, 2017

Our next generation wind turbine

Please take two minutes to see what we claim to be the next generation of wind turbines:

We have to add an arrow because you hardly see our wind turbine at 1 Km.
At 500 meters (1,650 ft.) our wind turbines simply have no noise and visual disturbances:

Still hard to see? Here is another view at 500 m:

We propose that at 300 m. our wind turbines will not bother people. We will verify that with potentially thousands of citizens in several cities:

At 200 m. you start to notice some details of the structure, still no noise:

Anybody notice that the sky is blue? Our wind turbine will be painted in light blue to be more discreet:

To have a better look, here is a factory picture:

Do not hesitate to propose your region for a live demonstration. 

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